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To set up Mediatool to fit your media planning structure, click the settings link in the organization menu to the left.

This is where you manage your media types, brands, markets and products.

Click the media types link to display a list of your current media types.

On this page you are able to create new media types and edit the settings of your existing ones.

Each media type must be assigned to a media type template to function.

Media type templates are used to specify which fields that can be added to a media type.

Click the Media type templates link in the settings submenu to view your templates.

Select an existing template to edit it or create a new one by clicking the Add new template button.

Give your template a name and select which fields that should be assigned to it. You can sort the fields by drag and drop.

Save your template and it should now be available to select in the media types list.

Brands, markets and products are used as meta data and gives you the opportunity to filter your media data based on them in your media plan.

To add meta data simply click the responding link in the settings submenu and create a new entity on that page.

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